Our Investing philosophy

Deep Comprehension

Investing in spaces we know best. At ICS, we perform research through both Top-Down and Bottom-Up research in a company before any investment decision is made. This ensures that the downside of any investment is considerably minimised in order to preserve capital. If our research on a company is not well defined, we will not invest regardless of how profound others may claim it.

Long-Term with an Open Mind

Long term investments accept the short term uncertainty and surpasses in the broader investment horizon when it comes to performance. Many companies can either be a value company or a growth company, however, innovation is to be considered as the world is ever changing. 

Patience & Discipline

The journey to superior return is achieved by conducting due diligence on a company before investing. One must avoid the public tumult and have conviction in one’s investment. At ICS, we pride ourselves with our competent research and mental discipline to produce superior long term return on investment for our clients.